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Versatility & Dependability of Canadian Softwoods

Versatility & Dependability of Canadian Softwoods

The Softwood Advantage

Softwood Lumber & Timber can be found all across the globe. British Columbia, Canada supplies some of the highest quality softwood lumber and timber in the world with species including Cedar, Pine, Hemlock and Douglas Fir! The are several advantages of using Canadian Softwoods over other types of common woods and we will explore one of the biggest ones.

Canadian Lumber & Timber Sales

Versatility & Dependability

Canadian Softwood is well known for its diverse range of applications and uses. Some of the most popular include:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Interior and Exterior Work


Canadian manufacturers supply wood products in both appearance and construction grades. Either handmade or prefabricated, Canadian Softwood is great for posts & beams, wood framing and hybrid construction. British Columbia’s array of manufactured and mass-wood products offers high-performance and size-stable options for any construction or manufacturing project. You can check out some awesome woodworking jobs here!

In outdoor applications such as exterior painting, roofing, decking, fencing and siding, Canadian Softwood species such as Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Pine are readily available. The broad range of Softwood products manufactured in Canada is available in standard forms, sizes and custom sizes. 

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