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Due to its uniform texture, it is widely used in the construction and furniture industries for window frames, trims, paneling, doors, cabinetry, and other furniture, as well as in the manufacture of smaller products such as caskets, boxes and matches. It is a go to wood for pattern makers and wood turners. Different Sizes and grades available.

    white pine wood


      Western hemlock is the go-to wood for interior woodwork and mouldings and is known for its excellent working properties . It is used for general construction, plywood and decking, as well as the production of solid beams. Compared to other species, it's stiffness and strength make it a preferred wood for use in horizontal components and longer ranges.
      Different Sizes and grades available
        western hemlock wood

          DOUGLAS FIR

          Douglas-Fir is one of the world's most known and widely used wood species. Due to its durability and strength, this wood is mainly used for building and construction. It is strong and resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for uses where wear may be a factor, such as commercial buildings, bridges and log homes. It is one of the highest quality wood for heavy structural purposes.
          Different Sizes and grades available.
            douglas fir wood

              WESTERN RED CEDAR

              Weather durable and extremely resistant to decomposition, Western Red Cedar is best suited for outdoor environments where durability and dimensional stabilization are needed. Its distinctive characteristics make it perfect for weather-resistant applications such as roofing, exterior siding, decking, doors, outdoor furniture, mobile buildings, posts, poles, fences, boat construction, and crates .
              Different Sizes and grades available
                western red cedar wood

                  WESTERN LARCH

                  • Generally straight grain, with course texture
                  • "Greasy" or "oily" feel
                  • Works well with machines
                  • Commonly used for flooring, construction & pulp wood
                  western larch wood


                    Maple wood has incredible strength, has great looks, and stains well. Woodworkers and furniture manufacturers lean towards maple for its light color, smooth grain and high durability.
                    Different Sizes and grades available
                      maple wood

                        Southern Yellow Pine

                        • Great rot resistance
                        • Easy to glue, stain and finish
                        • Strong durability
                        • Commonly used for boat building, furniture and flooring
                        • Red & White Oak available 
                        southern yellow pine

                        EASTERN WHITE CEDAR

                        EWC is one of the most durable and attractive species of wood available today. It is highly resistant to rot and decay even when used in applications close to the ground. Eastern White Cedar also has an astonishing average life of 25 years, longer than all other species.                                                                     Different Sizes and grades available. 

                        EASTERN WHITE CEDAR

                        SPRUCE-PINE-FIR (SPF)

                          SPF is a combination of Spruces, Pines and Firs. All of which are high grade timber with small, tight knots. SPF is great for commercial and residential construction because of it's competitive costs and impressive strength. It is also used for many other industrial applications such as the Engineering of Wood Products, Packaging, Furniture Framing, and re manufacturing. Different Sizes and grades available.


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