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Douglas Fir

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Douglas Fir Softwood Lumber For Sale

Douglas Fir

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Wood Specifications

Type: Canadian Softwood

Origin: British Columbia, Canada

Grades: Shop, Clear, #1, #2, #3

Size: Sizes range from: (1"x3") - (12"x12")

Douglas-Fir is one of the world's most known and widely used wood species. Due to its durability and strength, this wood is mainly used for building and construction. It is strong and resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for uses where wear may be a factor, such as commercial buildings, bridges and log homes. It is one of the highest quality wood for heavy structural purposes.
Different sizes and grades available.

Appearance & Colour

May vary in colour depending on tree age and location. A light brown colour usually with a hint of red and/or yellow, with darker rings of growth.  The grain is usually simple and straight in most quarter sawed pieces. The wood can additionally show wild grain patterns in flat sawn pieces. Overall a beautiful wood for many different applications.


Machines usually typically well, but they may have a mild blunting effect on the cutters. High tolerance of paints, glues, and finishes.    

Common Applications

Construction, Structural Work, Plywood, Veneers and Manufacturing

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