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Hemlock-Fir (Hem-Fir) Softwood for Sale


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Wood Specifications


Canadian Softwood

British Columbia, Canada
Clear, Shop, FF, #2&BTR, Economy, Utility
Sizes range from: (1"-3") - (12"x12")
Hem-Fir is one of the go-to wood for interior woodwork and mouldings and is known for its excellent working properties. It is used for general construction, plywood and decking, as well as the production of solid beams. Compared to other species, it's stiffness and strength make it a preferred wood for use in horizontal components and longer ranges. Different sizes and grades available

Appearance & Color

Hem-fir lumber is light and bright in colour, ranging from a creamy, almost white to light, straw-brown colour. It can be as light and or even lighter in appearance than some of the comparable western pines and is often viewed as the perfect softwood by those looking for a light-coloured, solid wood.


Architects and designers often choose hem-fir in appearance-graded jobs for trimming, fascia, panelling, moulding and milling as well as wood ceiling work. Hem-fir is also useful for a number of framing applications and can meet the standards of many facilities.

Common Applications

Roofing, Flooring, Trimming, Panelling, Molding and Millwork

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