White Pine

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White Pine Softwood Lumber for Sale

White Pine

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Wood Specifications

Canadian Softwoods
Origin British Columbia, Canada
Premium, Standard, CD-Select, Finish, Industrial
Sizes range from: (2"x4") - (2"x12")

Due to its uniform texture, it is widely used in the construction and furniture industries for window frames, trims, panelling, doors, cabinetry, and other furniture, as well as in the manufacture of smaller products such as caskets, boxes and matches. It is a go-to wood for pattern makers and woodturners. Different sizes and grades available.

Appearance & Color

White Pine Softwood is usually light, soft and has a low resistance to decay. However, the wood is very stable and holds it's needle for a long time. White Pine Wood has a straight grain with uniform texture. Western White Pine in specific has pale to light reddish-brown heartwood that darkens when exposed to light. 


White Pines work very well with machines and have a very easy texture to work with, which results in the wood being able to finish and glue nicely.


Popular Applications 

Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Millworks, Carvings

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